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The Official White House Song

President of

Boys Organization, Jerry Cooper, recorded a song about the White House Boys and the atrocities that occurred at The Florida School for Boys and Okeechobee School for Boys. Cooper states, ” I did these songs for all who have been a part in one the most horrific stories of child abuse in American History. I will not accept any compensation for the “White House Boys” song in any way” and he also adds that he has no plans to go back to his career in country music. To read the entire story and listen to the Public Service Announcement, as well as read the story about the song written by Kevin Wood and published in Bay Community News: , CLICK HERE.

Click HERE to listenn to “The White House Boys” song. On its flip-side is “Welcome to My World”, which he dedicated to his lovely wife, Babbs.

“The White House Boys”Written By:Billy Joe Burnette-Bobby Lewis-Jan WoodsPublishing-Bobby and Patrica Music BMI “The White House Boys”



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